Fantastic Advertising and Marketing Trend AdNews .uk  parked at which are parked listed for sale on Sedo’s Marketplace  advantage for domain sellers are Parked domains listed for sale will show up in search results  domains will gain even more attention from potential customers!   Now Retired lorry driver building my own Website  Anglia.Domains   pointing to ( Adcrew .uk ) landing page showing a sample of domains for sale how they are used other than just in the website title   promoting your business or products with as many domain names that can be obtained in that industry sector. New extensions like  Anglia.Domains  my sector is in .UK domain sales so I registered  Looking this stuff up on Google and other forums helps show  what space and size that’s required including page positioning for any advertising tips in making  Placeholders for Google adsence HTML codes
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As a domain before someone else does

To ensure that your company name or the name you want for your website can’t be used by a competitor, it’s important to take advantage of the pre-order phase early Pre-ordering your ideal Domain with 1&1 is free of charge and without obligation, putting you in a great position  to purchase your one dot .shop .hotel .etc    Visual.Domains